Become a Data Steward

You monitor what's most important to you, we provide a place to share your findings

What kind of data?

DataStream can accommodate a wide range of water quality monitoring data, from in-field observations to lab analyses. Big or small, we work with monitoring groups that collect anything from 2-200 water quality parameters. This information can be used with local and Traditional Knowledge to support evidence-based decisions.

Data Ownership

A core principle of DataStream’s Data Policy is that data contributors maintain complete ownership of their data. This means that you do not give up any intellectual property rights by sharing data and will be fully credited for your work. For more information see our  Data Policy  and  Terms of Use.

Structured datasets are useful datasets

Consistent data structure (literally, how spreadsheets are formatted) is the difference between searching for a “needle in a hay stack” and being able to pin point specific information you need at a specific time and place. To see how to structure datasets for DataStream, have a look at our data upload template or get in touch. 

Getting Started

DataStream is an open platform, meaning it’s free for anyone to use. If you are involved in water monitoring and are interested in expanding the audience for your data and the impact of your program, we want to work with you. 

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