New Feature: Explore Data by Watershed

July 11, 2019

DataStream’s new watershed boundary layers cut back on guesswork and make it easier to explore data in the regions that matter to you. We’ve incorporated watershed map layers across all three platforms thanks to geospatial data available on Canada’s Open Government Portal (open data for the win!).

About our watershed layers

Watershed boundaries featured on DataStream are based on the Water Survey of Canada’s “Sub-Drainage Areas” (there are 164 of them). To learn more about the source files used, visit our references page.

A lake with an island in the distance and rocks along the shore

NEW FEATURE: Custom Download Tool

DataStream is excited to announce the beta version release of our new Custom Download tool!

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Image showing a laptop with a DataStream visualization showing a graph with various points.

DataStream’s New How-To Video Series

DataStream’s new how-to video series provides guidance on using the open-access platform to publish and explore water monitoring data. The first four videos walk data stewards through various steps of the process, beginning with how to upload and update datasets:

Keep ReadingDataStream’s New How-To Video Series